LP Gas versus MAPP for Plumbing

There has actually been a debate on the benefits of using Propane versus MAPP gas in plumbing. Even though the initial MAPP gas production got stopped in the United States and Canada, it still has its fans. That is due to the fact that it had some benefits that made it appropriate for domestic individuals when as compared to industrial users. MAPP gas is similar to propane made use of for soldering and also brazing in air. It has one slight benefit over propane, which is its greater burning temperature level. In this write-up, we consider several of those benefits. LP gas is still readily available and most likely it is just what you may wind up making use of in your pipes task.

LP Gas

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LP has a fire that sheds at a temperature of a blazing 2450 degrees Fahrenheit (1,343 ° C). It is slightly cooler compared to MAPP, and that might be a negative aspect or an advantage relying on the experience of the individual utilizing the torch to join his pipes.


  • Gas is low-cost.
  • Propane does not get too hot the joint promptly or ignite the surrounding products.
  • If you are much less skilled or still doing your instruction, after that you will discover this gas to be the ideal for your plumbing works.


  • Propane does not obtain warm enough to braze; brazing develops a more powerful link. The temperatures at which both gases burn is quite different.
  • LP is not ideal for soldering big pipes or installations. In such cases, you might need to utilize MAPP gas or acetylene.

Price of making use of Propane

A 16.92-oz cylindrical tube of gas will cost you $3.


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MAPP gas generates a flame that melts at 3,670 degrees Fahrenheit (2,020 ° C). It is hotter compared to propane, which offers you an advantage if you have experience in fire control. You will certainly have a variable temperature level variety to use on your workpiece. That is why several experienced employees favored MAPP gas over gas.


  • Its fire burns at a greater temperature level than LP. That suggests you could braze your joint to get a more powerful bond. You also can differ the functioning temperature level to match different steels that you are making use of in your plumbing.
  • The greater temperatures likewise negate the effects of leaking water in the pipelines. That suggests you could function faster and also move on to the following work. That is a great advantage when remodeling.
  • MAPP gas heats up pipes and also fitting at prices that are 20% to 24% faster than propane.


  • It is pricey compared with propane. That means if you were dealing with a bigger project, the cost would quickly add up. That makes it much less attractive to industrial consumers.
  • If you are not experienced, or your plumbing methods are bad, you will find that it is much less flexible. You can conveniently spoil your pipelines if you are not careful. The high temperatures are additionally a security risk to you and the materials near your working area.
  • Expense of Utilizing MAPP – A 16.92-oz cylinder of propane will cost regarding $4.8.

Despite the fact that MAPP production has actually been stopped, it was basic extra costly and therefore less ideal for huge plumbing jobs. When comparing LP gas vs. MAPP gas in plumbing, LP seems to have actually executed better mostly due to its price.